Do you keep an eye out for races inspo wherever you go? It’s a habit I’ve picked up over the years and it’s a great one to have!

I notice anything and everything no matter where I go, knowing that something as simple as a flower or bead could work great on a race outfit.

I notice colour combinations that really stand out, features on a dress or certain finishes that I may want to use later.

Whenever I’m at the shops, I make the most of each visit by quickly popping into shoe, accessory and dress shops to see if anything catches my eye.

If something does, I photograph it for future reference. And if it’s on sale and a great buy, I’ll purchase it and save it for later.

You don’t have to spend long in each shop, a 30 second lap around the racks is literally all it takes.   

I do this all year round, even when I don’t have an upcoming race event, so that when I am planning an outfit I can look back at all my photos or think back to styles that I liked.

Even when I was on holiday in China, I had my eyes peeled for anything that would work well. I purchased some blue orchid flowers and mesh ribbon that shapes really nicely that I will try and incorporate into a future hat.

Just being aware that I am surrounded by potential sources of inspiration in everyday life has really helped with my creativity.

So if you aren’t already doing it, give it a go next time you go to the shops, are on holiday or are flicking through a magazine. You’ll be amazed at how many outfit ideas you come up with and you’ll be excited to turn those ideas into reality.

Chat soon, Milano

Re-posted article written by Milano


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